Our pledge

We care deeply about making a11yTour a welcoming and accessible space for everyone, regardless of disability or ability.

We will accept and respect people of all abilities at the conference, including attendees, guests, speakers, volunteers and co-organizers.

We will be intentionally and deliberately inclusive to avoid the risk of unintentionally excluding people with disabilities from the conference.

We acknowledge that not all disabilities are visible - we will educate ourselves about various accessibility needs.

We are aware that mistakes happen. If we make a mistake, we will do everything possible to fix the problem as promptly as possible.

We shall post an accessibility statement on our website about specific accessibility information for the conference.

Prioritizing is important - our resources are often limited. We must focus on what is likely to have the greatest impact on our event's accessibility. We do not say this in order to avoid our responsibilities - we merely want to reflect our reality.

Your feedback is important to help us prioritize. If you are directly affected by accessibility needs, or if you've thought of things that could be improved, please do let us know.

Some things, we do regardless. Other things will be done upon request. Finally, there are some things we are not doing at the moment.

What we are doing:


We couldn't make this happen without the help of our amazing sponsors