A11Y Tour

The best accessibility camp tour in Canada

11 speakers, 2 cities, 1 track


Come check what's new in accessibility, the current state of it, check how it's being taken care of accross different platforms, learn how to actually do something about it and a lot more!


Let's have a chat! Speakers, active professionals and a11y advocates will be there waiting to have an opportunity to bounce ideas and make the web awesome for everyone!


This event is about bringing together the web accessibility community to share ideas, best practices, experiences and hopefully to raise the bar when it comes to digital inclusion. We want you to come and share your ideas with us about accessibility & inclusive design.


February 23rd in Ottawa/ON & February 24th in Montréal/QC.

Talks with french description will be presented in french in Montreal

8:30am to 9:00am

Intros & Welcome

We will start this amazing day with some information about the event, the local meetups you can get involved with a word from our sponsors.

Introductions et mot de bienvenue

Commencerons cette journée incroyable avec quelques informations de base sur l'événement, les meetups locaux avec lesquels vous pouvez vous impliquer, ainsi que de l'information sur nos généreux commanditaires.

9:00am to 9:45am - Nic Steenhout

Introduction to web accessibility

You'll have heard about the importance of web accessibility. But what exactly is it? Who's affected by it? Why is it important and why should your site be accessible? And if you're a developer, why should you ensure the accessibility of the sites you create for your clients?

And once that's understood, what does an accessible site look like? Should we forget design and do a "text-only"site? Can we use JavaScript? We'll explore base concepts to ensure a site's accessibility.

L'accessibilité Web, ça mange quoi en hiver?

Vous aurez probablement entendu parler de l'importance de l'accessibilité web. Mais c'est quoi, ça, au juste? Ça touche qui? Pourquoi est-ce important, et pourquoi votre site devrait-il être accessible? Et si vous êtes dévelopeur, pourquoi devriez-vous assurer l'accessibilité des sites que vous créez pour vos clients?

Mais une fois que c'est compris, de quoi ça a l'air, un site accessible? Est-ce qu'on doit oublier tout design et aller sur un site "texte seulement"? Peut-on garder un peu de JavaScript? Nous explorerons quelques concepts de base pour assurer l'accessibilité d'un site.

9:45am to 10:30am - Curtis Dulmage & Max Hoffman


Max and Curtis describe what it was like launching a successful open source library that got too popular for its own good. Together, they give us a look into designing an accessible drag and drop library, as well as a lesson in setting expectations.

10:30am to 11:00am

Coffee Break

Take a break! Stretch, grab a coffee, exchange ideas & meet some new people!

11:00am to 11:30am - Myriam Jessier

Using SEO to get started with accessibility

Accessibility can sometimes sound like a New Year's resolution. Something we care deeply about but somehow, one month into our efforts, things start to slip. Why? Because let's be honest, sometimes, things can get hairy, scary or simply too complicated to handle.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the digital marketing skills that can help you achieve quick results when it comes to accessibility. Let's go over some tips, tricks and tools that SEO experts use in their work everyday to help them optimize websites.

Quelques astuces SEO pour débuter en accessibilité

L'optimisation des moteurs de recherche (SEO) est l'une des compétences en marketing numérique qui recroise l'accessibilité. Découvrez quelques outils, astuces et bonnes pratiques tirées du SEO pour débuter vos efforts d'accessibilité. Pas besoin d'être un développeur ou un designeur pour s'y mettre ! On ne le dit pas assez souvent mais Google se base sur certains principes d'accessibilité pour améliorer sa compréhension des sites.

11:30am to 12:00pm - Rabab Gomaa

Accessibility Testing Using Screen Readers

Testing websites using screen readers gives web developers the opportunity to make a real evaluation of their code and help identify accessibility issues that could be missed in manual checkup, or neglected by automatic verification tools. In this session we will demonstrate how blind people navigate the web and will show how to use screen readers for accessibility testing of web pages including interactive components and web forms.

12:00pm to 1:00pm

Lunch break

Let's fill up our bellies and get some more energy for the second part of our camp. Take the time to meet the folks around you too!

1:00pm to 2:00pm - Denis Boudreau

Accessibility in the age of artificial intelligence

The promises of artificial intelligence-based technologies are changing the way in which we develop the Web. It affects how millions of people with disabilities and people over the age of 65 around the World interact with the Web. Automated text equivalents based on deep learning and conversational interfaces are but the tip of an iceberg of innovations on track to change the face of accessibility as we know it. These changes have already begun contributing to breaking down barriers for people with disabilities. What might the impact of these technologies be for the various trades of the Web? Together, let's glimpse into a future that may be much closer than we think. Will you join us?

L’accessibilité à l'ère de l'intelligence artificielle

Les promesses des technologies basées sur l'intelligence artificielle changent la façon dont nous développons le Web. Elles affectent la façon dont des millions de personnes handicapées et de personnes âgées de 65 ans et plus interagissent avec le numérique. Les équivalents textuels automatisés basés sur le deep learning et les interfaces conversationnelles ne sont que la pointe d'un iceberg d'innovations en voie de changer radicalement le visage de l'accessibilité tel que nous le connaissons. Ces changements représentent une infime partie des innovations qui ont déjà commencé à contribuer à faire tomber les barrières pour les personnes handicapées. Quel pourrait être l'impact de ces technologies sur les différents métiers du Web? Ensemble, jetons un coup d'œil sur un avenir qui pourrait être beaucoup plus proche que nous le pensons. Serez-vous des nôtres?

2:00pm to 2:30pm - Scott Vinkle

Creating accessible React apps

React is a great way to create reusable, modular components that can be shared among projects. But how do you ensure your React apps are usable by all? Scott Vinkle will share tips on how to build your React apps with accessibility baked-in!

2:30pm to 3:00pm

Coffee Break

Take a break! Stretch, grab a coffee, exchange ideas & meet some new people!

3:00pm to 3:45pm - David MacDonald

What's new in WCAG 2.1

In this talk we'll go over the new Success Criteria in the WCAG 2.1 and learn about passive vs. active Success Criteria with a veteran member of the team that wrote the standard.

3:45pm to 4:15pm - Logan Trafford & Émilie Huberdeau

Ottawa - Don’t Forget the Simple Things: MS Word and PDF by Logan Trafford

While technological advancements and coding enhancements allow us to create accessible, dynamic applications and websites, it is quite often the simplest elements that create barriers for users. Logan will examine some of the simple elements in MS Word documents, that help lead to the creation of an accessible PDF.

Montréal - Vidéodescription intégrée, la nouvelle façon de faire l'audiodescription

Depuis peu, une nouvelle forme d'audiodescription universelle créée par AMI, permet de rendre votre contenu vidéo accessible à tous. Émilie nous explique quelles sont les techniques de vidéodescription intégrée et l'avantage qu'elle procure à tout créateur de contenu.

4:15pm to 4:45pm - Daniel Gervais

Beyond the Darkness! Living an Accessible Life in Today’s Modern World

Living in today’s world can be fast-paced and daunting at times. Join Daniel, a Public Servant for the Government of Canada, as he takes off his ‘utility belt’ and shows you his various accessible tools he uses throughout the day to help him make sense of the world around him.

Au-delà des ténèbres! Vivre une vie accessible dans le monde moderne d’aujourd’hui

Vivre dans le monde d’aujourd’hui peut être rapide et parfois un peut intimidant. Joignez-vous à Daniel, un fonctionnaire du gouvernement du Canada, alors qu’il enlève sa ‘ceinture utilitaire’ et vous montre ses divers outils accessibles qu’il utilise au long de la journée pour donner un sense au monde qui l’entoure.

5:00pm to 7:00pm

Cinq à sept

Time to chill with the people you spent the day with. Take your time to talk to the speakers, ask questions and anything else you'd like.


What works best for you? Pick a location and let's do this!


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